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The Indian Primary and Secondary Education Megaproject

The Indian Primary and Secondary Education Megaproject is Indiaís largest social infrastructure project till date. The projectís unique financial structure and innovative financing mechanism make it possible to educate up to 126 Million children ( at any given point in time) free of cost and without any need to divert any funds from existing Government of India schemes under the XIth plan estimates or the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan ( SSA ). The project which was first submitted to the Indian Planning Commission and the National Knowledge Commission on the 24th of April Ď 2009 is expected to serve in future as a benchmark for Social Infrastructure financings around the world.

The principal objective of the scheme is to attract the best minds to a career in teaching by creating a lifestyle around the teaching profession. This Teacher Based Design ( Design is not student based ) however will reach more children than any previous education programme of the Govt Of India.

The project seeks to build 30,000 New schools between the years 2012 and 2023. A unique Public Private Partnership format is deployed to catalyze massive investment while at the same time creating unprecedented opportunities for community ownership of schools and a teacher sharing programme which will cover 420,000 schools by 2023. Upto 80 % of the schools that will be built, will be in rural areas and this is one of the fundamental strengths of this US $ 131.38 Billion project.

Besides all the above mentioned features, the project when fully commissioned in 2023 will be the worlds largest environmental project due to itís use of sustainable building technologies and traditional Indian architecture as well as itís large tree plantation programme wherein 150 million trees of various types including sandalwood and rosewood will be planted in the first half of the construction phase and an additional 1 billion trees will be planted by the year 2023.

By the time all the schools are commissioned in 2023 , the net investment multiplier effect on the Indian economy from this project alone will be in the range of US $ 300 Billion not including the huge productivity gains that will accrue from the vastly superior quality of human resources that the project will deliver .

The entire project , together with its financial structure, detailed financials and its unique design basis philosophy can be downloaded from this website. Please click on the links below the picture to download specific sections.

The Indian Primary and Secondary Education Megaproject - Ministry of HRD, Govt. Of India - 2nd April 2010
  • Indian Education Megaproject - Presentation
  • Cover Letter to Shri Kapil Sibal (Minister of HRD, Govt Of India) - April 2nd 2010
  • Education Mega Project Concept Document Rev 03 2nd April 2010
  • Education Megaproject - Legal & Financial Structure
  • Education Megaproject - Excel Masterfile with all calculations
  • Project Philosophy - Project Design Basis Document
  • Relevant precedent for removal of restrictive regulations
  • The RTE Act 2009 ... Notified Bare Act
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