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The Hydrogen Superhighway

Busybric is in the process of designing India’s largest clean energy project “The Indian Hydrogen Superhighway“ . The project, which will be commissioned in phases between 2013 and 2021 will connect large demand centers and Indian cities. It will feature several different and advanced technologies that are just getting off the drawing board and will marry them to different power sources, some of which are already existing but un-optimized.

The project will be ready for media launch sometime in July 2011. The actual project concept documents will however be shared with interested parties towards the end of 2010 with the objective of forging an execution team from a consortium of companies . For those interested, the picture below provides a sneak preview of the project concept document that is under preparation . Please Click on the picture to view.

Watch this space, this is an interesting project.

Please CLICK to download the Project Concept Document

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