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BusyBricís core strength is project conceptualization and design. This is the unique part of the companyís DNA that differentiates us from everyone else in the industry. It is expertise in this specialized knowledge component of the Infrastructure business which makes us a next generation company.

Investors and potential clients are invited to download some of our benchmark projects below. The work on display along with project financials and associated structuring is indicative of the high level of conceptual skills available within the firm. While the unique concepts on display have specific application in large multi-location projects, we are capable of being equally creative in the design of small / concept projects as considerable innovation is possible in vernacular applications.

1. Consulting Practice ( Sample projects ):

The first three projects below can serve as examples to demonstrate Busybricís specialized skills in project conceptualization capability in the large project segment where Capex is typically above US $ 300 Million. In this particular segment Busybric is easily among the worlds most talented companies on a pure skill basis. We are however a lot more value for money. The projects below will give credence to this claim.

  1. The Indian Primary and Secondary Education Megaproject - Ministry of HRD, Govt. Of India - 2nd April 2010
  2. The defining characteristic of this project is its teacher centric design which is unique and will make it possible to provide high quality education to upto 126 Million children free of cost and without any need for funding through existing sources of the Government of India or for donor money.

  3. The Indian Crude Oil Strategic Reserve Project

  4. US Swing Refining System

  5. The Hydrogen Superhighway - Indiaís Next Generation Zero Carbon Project (Under Development)

  6. The Technology Velocity Concept In Clean Energy Project Design - Nov Ď 2008

  7. Wildlife reserves within Indian SEZís

  8. The Super Port Project

2. Boutique (Concept) Projects for execution:

Details of concept projects under this category will be shared with potential investors. Our focus areas are:

  1. Urban Development & affordable housing
  2. Education
  3. Healthcare
  4. Municipal waste management
  5. Food Park Project - New Initiative (Under Active Development)

These projects will involve innovative financing and are designed to create elegant yet affordable solutions for the target market. Projects in this category are of value between US $ 3 Million to US $ 30 Million.

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