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India is entering an era of Infrastructure Megaprojects wherein it will not be uncommon to have 5 - 6 simultaneous projects , each with a Capex in excess of US $ 30 Billion being executed as single , multi-phase , multi-location projects.

Indian Infrastructure companies, construction companies, development financial institutions and infrastructure consulting companies however are facing a huge shortage of skilled manpower which will be needed to deliver huge multi-location projects.

Where skill sets do exist in organizations , they are usually limited to just one area and there is a severe shortage of people who understand all the facets of bringing a large infrastructure project into existence. First there is a need for conceptual clarity at the project design stage and then there is an even greater need for people who understand how the development and financing phase needs to dovetail into the engineering , construction and finally the operations / revenue phases. In the absence of manpower which understands the complexity involved, the only way out, is for organizations to train their people in-house or get them trained by others who possess these very special skills. Such training can save project developers and financial institutions several hundred million dollars on a single large project.

Busybricís people are experts in the knowledge segment of the Infrastructure business. Having designed some of Indiaís largest multi-location Infrastructure projects that are under the active consideration of the central government and within some of Indiaís large private sector companies who have seen our work.

We are keen to share our considerable knowledge and experience in Infrastructure with individuals and companies as well as educational institutions across India with the objective of increasing the size of the human resource pool for the Infrastructure Industry. To this end we have designed an array of modular courses tailored to the needs of different clients. While the individual courses can be tailored to meet specific needs, there are, broadly speaking , two different types of integrated courses which we run :

  • Foundation Course in Integrated Infrastructure
  • Advanced Course - Modular options

Both the courses are competitively priced to provide real value for the money that clients will spend on them.

A course schedule will soon be published on this website. Those interested could write to us at info@busybricventures.com or call us at 022 - 27707623

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