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BusyBric Infrastructure is a next generation infrastructure concept, design and implementation company with an agenda to bring totally new ideas to the Infrastructure business in India. Our projects are designed to employ best practices in the industry from around the world so as to deliver projects and infrastructure services at a price that is affordable to the masses.

There are three distinct business units within the firm.

The first is our consulting division. Since we have considerable experience in conceptualizing very large projects , our consulting team works with corporate clients, central and state governments and with multilateral agencies and financial institutions by designing projects for them and by training their people. Examples of our work at the macro / central planners level is available for free download under " Product Verticals " on this website.

Two of Busybricís projects are on their way to becoming Govt. Of India projects :

Our second business unit is the Boutique projects group that works on the development and execution of concept projects in areas such as Food Processing (Food Parks), Urban development, municipal waste treatment, healthcare and education. These projects enable a scalable business model and allow potential investors an early exit at a handsome multiple comparable to alternative investment options in industries such as software and entertainment.

The third unit is our training division which provides high end specialized inputs in Infrastructure project concept and design as part of a larger Integrated Infrastructure Training Programme ( IITP ) which aspires to be an industry leader in the country and on a global basis.

Busybricís business model is therefore based on the knowledge component of the infrastructure business. It is this essential DNA of the company that helps differentiate us from all others in the infrastructure business in India.

Each project we conceptualize and design is based on strong economic rationale and targeted at current and future needs of the marketplace. Strong economic rationale is matched with simplicity and a passion to bring to India the very best of technologies available worldwide.

Busybric has expertise in the following areas :

  • Business Concept / Strategy
  • High End Integrated Training For The Infrastructure Industry
  • Financial Structuring
  • Market Analysis
  • Conceptual Engineering Design
  • Clean Energy Systems Design ... Zero Carbon Projects
  • Environmental Ecosystems

In all our projects we have seen that the best ideas and the most innovative solutions need not be expensive. Busybricís projects will demonstrate that innovative concepts, backed by sound financing and structuring can deliver on a vision to create demanding consumers for infrastructure services in India. The ultimate message we wish to convey through our work is that quality, while an end in itself actually saves money , in contrast to the belief that quality adds to cost.

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